Deliveries within Newcomb and Geelong can be made on a same day basis providing orders are received prior to 2pm weekdays. Please contact the team on 03 5221 8052 or email us at with your request prior to 2pm weekdays.


We will endeavour to deliver the flowers as soon as the orders are places, however for urgent and timed deliveries please phone us for assistance on 03 5221 8052, we will do our best to assist you where possible.

As a member of Interflora we can also organise that special delivery worldwide!!

Care Instructions

Caring for your flowers once you have received them from Jacinta's Flower Studio is very important to help the flower do its gorgeous thing of blooming and displaying colour. All cut flowers purchased should have their stems cut when you get home to unblock the stems and help ensure adequate water is getting to where it is required.

All our bouquets are sent out with a wet pack on the bottom of the stems, to ensure they still have moisture until they get to their destination, remove the wet pack from the bottom of the bouquet and then follow these 5 simple steps to help the vase-life of your flowers:

1. Cut stems

2. Clean Vase

3. Fresh water

4. Remove leaves from below water level

5. Feed the flowers with the flower food sachet provided

This is especially necassary for your roses. After you receive your beautiful bouquet of roses, if after a few days you find they are drooping their heads, fill them up to their necks in water or lie them in a bath of water for several hours to help rehydrate the rose - trust us, this works amazingly.

Try to purchase your lillies up to one week before you want them fully open if buying them tight. A a good quality lily will hold its open bloom in good condition for several days after opening often looking more magnificent each time you look at it. Lillies love some food to help their blooms open up.

If you have purchased or recieved a floral arrangement in oasis it is important to daily make sure there is adeqaute water and it feels moist. Flowers are often still opening once displayed in an arrangemnt and still require water for this process through their stems.

Enjoy your flowers :-)